Parish Pastoral Councils


Archdiocese of Cebu


We, the living members of the Mystical Body of Christ, inspired, enhanced and encouraged to become more expressive in our concern for our faith; as sharers in hope through ________________________________________ Pastoral Council guided by the authority of the Church and existing laws do pledge to become active in our Service to the Lord.


Section 1    –                The name of this organization  shall be the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) of _____________________________________________.

Section 2    -                The main office of this organization shall be located  at  the Parish  rectory of_____________________________________________.


Section 1    -                The Parish Pastoral Council prescribed in Canon 536.1 of the Code is a consultative and advisory body (C 536.2) “that advises and assists the parish priest in the implementation of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan in the parish level and the continuing formation of the parish communities” (4th Synod of Cebu, no. 219).

Section 2    -                The Parish Pastoral Council shall be presided over by the Parish Priest (C 536.1, 4th Synod of Cebu no. 219).  Any program or activity initiated by the Parish Pastoral Council shall be presented for approval to the Parish Priest.


Section 1     -               To  build the local church  with    the    inspiration,    guidance  and  supervision of the Parish Priest through continuous  evangelization and personal  witnessing of the teaching of Christ.

a)      to teach continuously the Gospel of Christ to all parishioners.

b)      to lead and guide the people in the proper and dynamic worship of the Lord.

c)      to study the conditions and situations of the people of God in the community.

d)     to propose, undergo and evaluate programs of activities in response to identified needs.

e)      to develop lay leaders who will be the leaven and animators in the building of communities.

Section 2     -               To implement in the parish level all  archdiocesan programs  under the supervision of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning Board.


The members of this organization shall be: a) presidents of all mandated lay organizations and movements in the parish, b) presidents of all chapels and   zones in the parish, c) chairpersons of the WESTY  (Worship, Education, Service, Temporalities, Youth) Committees and the heads of their various ministries (lay ministers, choir, cantors, catechists, etc.), d) BEC Coordinator or his equivalent, e) head/s of catholic school/s in the parish, f.) superior/head of the religious house/community in the parish.


Section 1  -                  The  Pastoral Council shall have the following  built-in  structures  for effective implementation of the Parish Vision, Mission and Objectives.   These are:  The General Assembly, the Executive Committee (EXECOM), the WESTY Committees, the Zone and Chapel Pastoral Councils.

Section 2   -                 The   General   Assembly   shall   be   composed   of  the  members mentioned in Article IV.  They shall as a body formulate, approve, disapprove resolutions and policies related to the implementation of the objectives.  Said body also evaluate the activities undertaken and on-going in the light of the objectives.

Section 3    -                The EXECOM shall  be  composed  of   the  officers  of  the Parish  Pastoral Council, the chairpersons of the WESTY Committees and  the  President of the Chapel Leaders’ Association or Zone Presidents and the BEC Coordinator.  They are tasked to formulate policies to implement the programs and policies of the parish and the programs from the Archdiocese.

Section 4    -                The   WESTY Committees are composed of   the  officers   elected   by the General Assembly or appointed by the Parish Priest under the following:  Worship, Education/Formation, Service, Temporalities and Youth.  They are tasked to implement the programs of evangelization in their areas.  They are periodically required to give progress reports of their performance and are evaluated according to their objectives.

Section 5    -                The  Zone  Pastoral  Council is composed of the officers of the chapels belonging to the zone.  They see to the needs of the zones and implement the policies of the Parish Pastoral Council.

Section 6     -               The Chapel Pastoral Council is composed of the officers of the chapel.  They see to the needs of the chapel and implement the policies of the Parish Pastoral Council at their level.


Section 1         -          The Parish Pastoral Council officers are:

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.

Section 2    -                Each WESTY Committee shall have a chairman and a secretary.

Section 3    -                The officers of the Zone / Chapel Pastoral Councils are:

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor.

Section 4    -                The   Zones / Chapels  shall have their own WESTY.

Section 5    -                All   officers  shall  hold  office  for  two  (2) years  and  can  be re-elected.  However, no officer shall hold office for more than two (2) consecutive terms.  The officers of the PPC shall tender their courtesy resignation upon assumption of the new parish priest.

Section 6    -                When   an  officer  is  incapacitated   or  for  other  reasons  may be incapable to function before the end of his term, the EXECOM, after consultation with the Parish Priest, shall decide who shall fill the vacant position.

Section 7    -                The Parish Pastoral Council  EXECOM after due consultation with the immediate superior/s may   be  dissolved  by the Parish Priest and subsequently  the  structures  under  it  if  it no longer functions as stated in this Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 1         -          Functions of the President

The President shall:

a)         Call meetings of the General Assembly, the   EXECOM and the WESTY Committees   through the secretary.
b)        Preside at all meetings.
c)         Have the decisive vote on occasions when  there is a tie in the voting.
d)        Orders payments authorized by the EXECOM and the General Assembly.
e)         Preserve order and defend the rights of the members.
f)          Approve all disbursements and other administrative documents/papers.
g)         See to it that the Constitution and By-Laws and all resolutions passed by the EXECOM and General Assembly are followed.
h)         Attend national, diocesan and district meetings when called for.
i)           Sign all documents and official papers   pertinent to his/her position.
j)           Submit administrative, financial and other necessary reports and papers to the Parish Pastoral Council.
k)         Perform other duties that may be assigned to him/her by the Parish Priest or the Parochial Vicar.

Section 2         -           Functions of the Vice-President

The Vice-President shall:

a)            Take the place of the President in case the latter becomes incapable of holding office.  He/She shall assume the power and responsibility of the President.
b)            Attend national, diocesan and other meetings delegated to him/her.
c)            Coordinate, direct and support the varied pastoral activities in the parish for better efficiency.
d)           Perform all other duties delegated to him/her.

Section 3         -           Functions of the Secretary

The Secretary shall:

a)        Act as secretary of the General Assembly and the EXECOM in all meetings.
b)        Keep the records of all the minutes of the meetings.
c)        Coordinate, guide and support the varied activities, programs of the PPC for better implementation.
d)       Furnish all the officers of the PPC with all the minutes of the meeting.
e)        Be the custodian of all minutes and other important papers submitted to his/her office by the different standing committees.
f)         Perform all other duties delegated to him/her.

Section 4         -           Functions of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

a)            Keep all the funds of the PPC and all the books of  account relative to his/her function.
b)        Campaign for the collection of all necessary fees and dues approved by the EXECOM.
c)        Receive and keep accurate records of all donations to the PPC.
d)       Issue receipts for all collections, donations, fees/dues, and other income received and keep an accurate recording of the same.
e)        Deposit all funds/moneys in the bank before disbursements are made.
f)         Pay all legitimate and authorized expenses or issue necessary checks to be always countersigned by the Parish Priest and the President.
g)        Keep his books and records open for examination at a convenient time for any member of the Council or by any authorized person.
h)        Be the custodian of all kinds of property belonging to the PPC.
i)          Coordinate, support and supervise the varied activities of the PPC for better implementation and efficiency.
j)          Perform other duties that may be delegated to him/her by the Parish Priest and the President.

Section 5         -           Functions of the Auditor

The Auditor shall:

a)        Audit/Check all money, disbursements and records made by the Treasurer.
b)       Coordinate, support and supervise the different activities of the PPC for better efficiency.
c)        Perform all other functions delegated to him/her.


Section 1    -                The Parish Pastoral Council shall call for a meeting of the General Assembly in the month of _____________ every year.   The election of officers shall be held during this assembly every other year, i.e. 1991, 1993, 1995, etc.

Section 2    -                The EXECOM shall meet every ____________ of the month at ______________ .

Section 3    -                The WESTY Committees shall meet every ____________ of the month at ______________.

Section 4    -                The Committee on Temporalities shall meet as frequently as necessary to plan on special projects and other activities pertinent to fund raising.

Section 5    -                The Parish Priest or his Parochial Vicar shall attend all meetings of the General Assembly and the EXECOM.


Section 1     -               The election of officers shall be conducted by the General Assembly.  The elections shall be preceded with a  recollection.  The General Assembly shall determine the manner of election in consultation with the Parish Priest.  The election may be Consistorial or Corporation type.

Consistorial Type

Election  of  the  five  (5) PPC Officers  is  by  secret  ballot. There

shall be no nomination.  Everyone is eligible for election. The one who gets ¾ of the vote gets the position.  If however, nobody gets the ¾ vote a second balloting will be conducted with the highest five (5) nominees as candidates.  The one who gets the highest vote is elected.

Corporation Type

At least three (3) or a maximum of five (5) can be nominated for each position. After the balloting, the one who gets the highest number of votes is elected.

Section 2    -                The following are qualifications of the officers of   the PPC and its structures:

-  A practicing Catholic.
-  A bona fide member:

a)      resident of the parish, and/or
b)      active in the parish

Section 3    -                The following cannot be elected to the PPC and its structures:

-          Not a practicing Catholic.
-          An elected government official (National,    Region, City, Town, Barangay).
-          Has  shown  behavior contrary to moral standards or is a member of Masonic and anti-catholic sects.

Section 4    -                Elected officers of the PPC and its structures who intend to run for government office shall tender their resignation upon filing their certificate of candidacy.


Section 1     -               The funds of the PPC shall consist of the following:

a)      Annual dues to be determined by the EXECOM shall be collected from  each organization, movement or chapel.  This amount will defray the administrative function of the PPC.

b)      Fund raising projects initiated by the PPC shall  be undertaken by the Chairman on Temporalities upon approval and recommendation of the Parish Priest.

c)      Solicitations, pledges and voluntary contribution for specific purposes in cash or in kind may be entrusted to the treasurer provided there is an authorization from the Parish Priest.

d)     Funds shall be deposited in the bank under three signatories namely, the Parish Priest/Moderator of the Team Ministry, the PPC President and the PPC Treasurer.

Section 2     -               The EXECOM with the approval of the Parish Priest shall have the power, control and supervision over the funds.

a)               The EXECOM shall prepare the annual budget two (2) months after assuming office.

b)               Money shall be disbursed according to the   specific objectives of the project and upon proper resolutions.

c)               Application for a funding of delegates to seminars, workshops and meetings shall depend on the availability of funds and upon recommendation of the EXECOM.

d)              The Treasurer and Auditor, in coordination with the Committee on Temporalities, shall submit an annual financial report to the General Assembly with regular monthly reporting by the Treasurer.

Section 3        -             The PPC shall be responsible only for the funds it has raised.


Section 1   -                 The proposed revisions to the articles and subsequent sections shall be referred to an AD-HOC Committee for study.  The proposal shall then be presented to the General Assembly for reaction, modification, deletion, disapproval or approval.  The proposed amendments are forwarded to the Pastoral Planning Board for ratification.

Section 2    -                The   composition  of  the  AD-HOC  Committee  on  Amendments shall be a Chairman and six (6) Members, selected based on expertise, experience and integrity.