Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Date of Foundation: August 30, 1874

Place of Foundation: Issoudun, France

Founder: Rev. Fr. Jules Chevalier, MSC

Date of Arrival in Cebu: December 31, 1999


We the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Philippine Region, belong to an International Missionary Congregation, who lived the Spirituality of the Heart of Jesus. Our experience of being loved impels us to spread this love to others. Like Mary, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, compassion, expressed in simplicity and hospitality is our distinct mark.


We show genuine care for one another, for people we serve and our partners in mission the Chevalier Family. We work collaboratively in all areas-vocation promotion, formation, community, leadership, ministry and finance. Convinced of the relevance of our charism, we eagerly promote vocations in witnessing this charism, our lives we attract new members; Formation, enhanced by regular faith life sharing, keep us rooted in the Spirituality of the Heart and enable us to fulfill our missions: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved! Forever!