I.      CITOM and Traffic Patrol Group, Cebu City Police, Cebu City wishes to announce and inform the riding public that vehicular traffic will be re-routed on the affected streets during the celebration of the National Thanksgiving of St. Pedro Calungsod at the South Road Properties (SRP). SRP is closed to vehicular traffic except for vehicles issued with a specified sticker to allow entry on designated access on Friday, November 30, 2012 at 5:00 o’clock in the morning until the celebration will be finished.

  • Mambaling Trunk Road is designated as pedestrian access and for VIP vehicles in going to SRP to attend the celebration.
  • Vehicular access (to those issued a valid pass) going to the Coastal Road shall be; at Talisay entry from the South and at the junction of Palma St. and Serging Osmeña Blvd. as entry to pass via tunnel/underpass to those from the North.
  • One side of the Coastal Road shall be closed for vehicular traffic and shall be utilized for the procession route.
  • The other half of the Coastal Road (Sea side) shall be utilized for a two-way flow of vehicular traffic. Vehicles from SRP going to the North shall be above the ground, while vehicles from the North going to SRP shall pass through the underpass.
  • Designated drop-off area will be along Palma St./V. Sotto St. and N. Bacalso Ave. near Mambaling flyover.


  1. Vehicles from the North going to the South of Cebu while traversing along Serging Osmeña Ave. shall turn right to T. Padilla St. or at Gen. Maxilom Ave., to Fuente Rotunda, to B. Rodriguez St., right turn to V. Rama Ave., left turn to Happy Valley Road, left turn to Duterte St., right turn to Katipunan St., then to their point of destination.
  2. Passenger jeep coming from North Reclamation Area while passing along T. Padilla St., shall turn left to M.J. Cuenco Ave., right turn to Bonifacio St., left turn to Sanciangko St./Colon St., then their point of destination/origin.
  3. Passenger jeep going to North Reclamation Area with Route Nos.08F, 12G, 12I and 12J shall follow to Colon St., left turn to Mabini St., right turn to E. Aboitiz St., left turn to M.J. Cuenco Ave., right turn to T. Padilla St., left turn to Benedicto St. left turn to Gen. Maxilom Ave. right turn to Andres Soriano Ave., then to North Bus Terminal, except for PUJ Route Nos. 12G together with 09J and 12E while traversing along Andres Soriano Ave., right turn Juan Luna Ave., right turn to J.C. Veyra St., to Benedicto St., right turn to T. Padilla St., left turn to M.J. Cuenco Ave., right turn to Bonifacio St., left turn to Sanciangko St., to their usual route, then to their point of origin.
  4. Passenger jeep with Route Nos. 22D, 21D, 21A and 22A shall follow to M.J. Cuenco Ave., left turn to Juan Luna Ave., right turn to A. Soriano Ave., left turn to Gen. Maxilom Ave., right turn to D. Gaisano St., right turn to T. Padilla St., right turn to M.J. Cuenco Ave., to their usual route, then to their point of origin.
  5. Passenger jeep with Route Nos. 01B, 01C and 02B bound for Pier area while traversing along T. Padilla St., shall turn left to Benedicto St., left turn to 13th Ave. (going to Blessed Sacrament), right turn D. Gaisano St., right turn to Gen. Maxilom Ave., right turn to Benedicto St., right turn to T. Padilla St., then to their usual route, then back to their point of origin.
  6. All vehicles with transactions or bound for Pier 3, 2 and 1, Port Area shall only have to access at T. Padilla Extn., then to their point of destination.
  7. Trucks, Vans, Trailers and other motor vehicles coming from the South going to SM or to North Area shall follow N. Bacalso Ave., to P. del Rosario St., to Imus New Road, then to the North Reclamation Area.
  8. Trucks, Vans, Trailers and other motor vehicles coming from the North Reclamation Area going to the South are advised to pass along North Road, to M.J. Cuenco Ave., proceed to N. Bacalso Ave., then to their point of destination.
  9. All motor vehicles coming from Tabunok, Talisay, Minglanilla, Naga, San Fernando and Carcar who wishes to go to the North Reclamation Area are advised to pass N. Bacalso Ave., left turn to take F. Llamas St. to avoid vehicular traffic at the Mambaling flyover, then to their point of destination.

II.      Motorist, Drivers and other road users are advised to follow the traffic signs installed on the re-routing areas.

III.      For widest dissemination.



By: Fr. Brian C. Brigoli, MChS

A templete (Sp.) or template (Eng.) signifies a certain structure used as a shrine where celebrations are held imbued with historical value and significance. It is referred to as a “small temple”. The word template also bespeaks as a monument that pays homage to a place where important events took place.

This coming November 30, 2012 the National Thanksgiving Celebration of the Canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod which will be held in SRP lot, a templete will be constructed mainly as the venue of the Eucharistic Celebration. Besides, this template will serve later as a monument that pays homage to the historical event that took place.

The Templete de Pedro, as I would like to call it, is meant, first and foremost, to inspire the faithful. The structure itself serves as a vessel of meaning both in aesthetic and spiritual value. It carries with it, among others, nuances of theological meaning that have the opportunity to instruct, inspire and catechize.

The basic design of the template is always in relation to the basic plan in general of a church architecture. Since the template serves as a shrine where the Holy Mass is celebrated, it is but proper that the template is patterned to that of the architectural language of a church.

Just like any other church, the template has a sanctuary at the center. This is elevated just to signify its prominence in any area of the structure as the most sacred place. Besides, its higher elevation signifies separation from the nave. In the case of the template, the nave is where the concelebrants are placed. This is situated at its both wings which can accommodate 150 bishop concelebrants in each side. This sanctuary area holds the altar table as the most venerated and holy place in the whole sanctuary. Unlike the altar table in the church which is made of stone and has a sepulchum on it (a small whole at the center of the altar where a relic of a saint is placed), the template altar is just a plain slab of wood with the presider’s chair directly at its back and the ambo at its front. The distinctive and the running design of the altar furniture (the altar table, presider’s chair, ambo and the cross assemble) is a waived palm which signifies inculturation indicated in the many usage of palm in our daily life and industry. At the back of the sanctuary serves as the sacristy where the liturgical materials such as the sacred vessels, liturgical books and the like, are being prepared for the celebration.

Of all the elements in the template, the pyramid-like structure or the spire which is at its center is considered to be the focal piece. This holds numerous iconographic meanings that instruct what martyrdom is all about. In a church structure, one natural law that governs in building church edifice is its verticality. This is inherent in every successful church building that truly inspires the faithful. Verticality speaks about the massing of material and volume upwards that renders it to dominate the horizontal. The soaring height tells plainly of man’s desire to reach Heaven and the spirit’s longing to reach God. This is the whole point of the pyramid-like structure in the template. It speaks about verticality that leads to transcendence that of creating a structure that expresses a sense of the spiritual and the heavenly. Martyrdom is all about transcendence. One can truly deny the self if one, at the same time, transcends the self. Dying due to faith is indeed a transcendence of self that is going across and beyond the border of self interests.

The cross culminates the verticality of the pyramid-like structure or the spire. This is indicative of the relation of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus in the cross with that of the sacrifice in the martyrdom. All sacrifice due to faith finds its meaning and glory in the sacrifice of Jesus in the cross. The cross is the crowning glory of the death of Pedro as a martyr.

At the center of the spire spreads the palm as the Christian iconographic representation of Martyrdom. It is believed that palm frond or stem is the symbol of victory in the war waged by the spirit against the flesh. The martyrs are then called the victors par excellence over the spiritual foes of mankind.

With all the theological nuances of the Template de Pedro, this structure indicates our pride to have another Filipino saint, a Visayan at this time, to be raised at the Altar of God. A monument of pride and devotion, just like the structure itself, speaks of our longing to achieve victory of faith and our soul’s desire to reach heavens where God and all the martyrs await for all of us.

Viva San Pedro Calungsod!!!


In view of the upcoming August 7 voting in Congress for the passing of the RH bill, Cebu Archbishop Most Rev. Jose S. Palma and Archbishop Emeritus, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal called the local government leaders and legislators to an emergency meeting.  Present in the meeting were Gov. Gwen Garcia, Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes, Congressmen Pablo Garcia, Eduardo Gullas, Cutie del Mar, and Benhur Salimbangon.

The Archbishop presented the challenge to defend the faith by rejecting the RH Bill, especially in the present moment of grace when we are preparing for the celebration of the canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod, and the coming International Eucharistic Congress.

All who were present in the meeting manifested their support for the move of the local Church.

The Archbishop later issued an urgent circular calling all Catholics to join in the Solidarity March and Mass for Life Against RH Bill this Saturday, August 4, 2012.  It will start at 5:30 PM at Fuente Osmena.  A prayer march from Fuente Osmena to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral follows, then a mass will be celebrated at 7:00 PM.

Urgent Circular



The proposed Pedro Calungsod National Thanksgiving site will soon level off with the adjacent streets and lots. Thanks to SM!

Presently, the said area is below street level. This explains the portions why the area shows some accumulated water. The whole area needs to be filled and elevated.

SM, which is constructing its mall just across the Mambaling access road that serves as boundary of the site, pledged to fill the area to level it with the street. It also pledged to clear the area ready for the construction of the templete (outdoor altar).

More than the leveling of the area and all other horizontal improvements, SM also pledged to care for the lights, security, parking space and standby generators.

Catechism on Blessed Pedro Calungsod

In preparation for Blessed Pedro Calungsod’s canonization, the Archdiocesan Catechetical Commission conducted a trainers’ training seminar for catechist coordinators, representatives from the accredited travel agencies for the canonization rites in Rome, and other Church leaders last May 21.  A catechetical primer on the life, martyrdom and glorification of Blessed Pedro Calungsod was given by Msgr. Ildebrando Leyson, PC.  On the other hand, Msgr. Esteban Binghay spoke about Blessed Pedro Calungsod and the Mission and Msgr. Dennis Villarojo delivered a talk about Blessed Pedro Calungsod and New Evangelization. Pdf file of the talks are available through the links below:

Catechetical Primer on Blessed Pedro Calungsod

Blessed Pedro Calungsod and the Mission



The Committee on Pilgrims has released an official list of travel operators for those who are traveling from Cebu and other parts of the Visayas and Mindanao. Those who are traveling with any of the accredited travel operators will be considered as official delegates/ pilgrims and may have a bigger chance to get a seat during the canonization rites. There is, however, NO guaranteed seat for delegates/pilgrims. As part of the official delegation, pilgrims will have the privilege to receive catechism and other relevant information regarding the canonization.

On the other hand, those who are not traveling with the accredited operators will be on their own and may not have a chance to get a seat during the canonization rites.

Operators on the accredited list passed the screening required by the committee.


UPDATE on the Preparations

Committee Chairmen



  • The Executive Council’s membership is expanded.  The Council now is composed of the following:
    • His Eminence Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, DD (Chairman)
    • His Excellency Archbishop Jose S. Palma, DD (Co-Chairman)
    • His Excellency Archbishop John F. Du, DD
    • His Excellency Bishop Emilio L. Bataclan, DD
    • His Excellency Bishop Antonio R. Ranola, DD
    • His Excellency Bishop Julito B. Cortes, DD
    • His Excellency Bishop Precioso D. Cantillas, DD (Maasin)
    • His Excellency Bishop Leonardo Y. Medroso, DD (Tagbilaran)
    • His Excellency Bishop Christian Vicente F. Noel (Talibon)


  • New members are added to the National Commission.  The membership is as follows:
    • His Excellency Archbishop Jose S. Palma, DD (Chairman)
    • His Excellency Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Tagle, DD (Co-Chairman)
    • His Excellency Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD
    • His Excellency Bishop Julito B. Cortes, DD
    • His Excellency Bishop Joel Z. Baylon, DD (Youth)
    • His Excellency Bishop Edwin A. Dela Pena, DD (Mission)
    • His Excellency Bishop Jesse E. Mercado, DD (Laity)
    • His Excellency Bishop Precioso D. Cantillas, DD (Migrants)
    • Retired Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.
    • Amb. Henrietta T. De Villa (Secretary General)
  • The National Commission is working in collaboration with the Episcopal Commission on Mission in the nationwide catechesis and promotion of the cause of Blessed Pedro Calungsod
  • A grand festival on Blessed Pedro Calungsod is scheduled on April 18-20 in Manila.  This involves catechesis for the youth and kids, an exhibit, and a procession.  The venue will be announced later.
  • Duaw Nasud is the visit of the pilgrim image of San Pedro Calungsod,  to the archdioceses and dioceses of the Philippines after his Canonization on October 21, 2012 and will end three days before the National Thanksgiving Mass on November 30, 2012.  The visit will start with activities in Manila particularly in Intramuros, which in 1672 basically was what Manila was.  Then the visit will go north to Vigan (Nueva Segovia).   From there a motorcade of the image of San Pedro Calungsod will be organized to move down to Naga City (Nueva Caceres), making some pre-designated overnight stops in some archdioceses and dioceses.  After covering Luzon, the visit will proceed to the Visayas and Mindanao, before arriving in Cebu for the National Thanksgiving Mass celebration


  • Catechism on the life of Blessed Pedro Calungsod is to be given (and is a requirement) to all pilgrims to Rome for the Canonization
  • The Committee on Venue is busy with the plans for the location improvement of the venue for the National Thanksgiving Mass on November 30, 2012 which will be at the South Road Properties.  The design of the altar and the templete is also being conceptualized and finalized.
  • The Committee on Procession is asking for the involvement of all the parishes in the foot procession.  This will be a good way also to bring the faithful to the venue.  A fluvial procession is also planned to end right near the SRP venue
  • DYRC is planning to organize Cebuano talents through Ms. Pilita Corales to produce an album and stage concerts of original songs for Blessed Pedro Calungsod.  This will be of nationwide circulation.
  • CCTN is planning to cover the canonization in Rome live through satellite uplink.  This satellite uplink may also be used to cover the Duaw Nasud of the image of Pedro Calungsod when it arrives from Rome.
  • The Documentation Committee is planning to complement CCTN’s TV coverage on the November 30 National Thanksgiving with a live video streaming on the internet.  This will give Filipinos outside the Philippines to watch the event live.
  • There will be souvenir items for sale and for free, courtesy of the Committee on Souvenirs.
  • A clarification was made that there will be no exclusive travel agency for the pilgrims to Rome.  There is no list of tour operators (travel agencies) officially released so as to exclude those who are not in the list.  Any tour operator (travel agency) can join as long as they submit government required Permits, Licenses and Accreditation. (SEC Certificate of Registration; Business Permit; DOT Accreditation; as well as their Itinerary and location of hotel in Rome).  The Executive Council will then issue a Certificate of Participation to the tour operators who accomplish the requirements.  Pilgrims have to be registered to the committee so that they will have the chance to get an endorsement for the visa and a seat during the canonization.  Although, the tour operators cannot guarantee anybody a seat because that is beyond their discretion.

n.b. The Cebuano version of the catechism on the Life of Pedro Calungsod as published in the Lungsuranon can be downloaded through the link below



Updates on Rome preparations may also be accessed through facebook.

search for Pedro Calungsod Canonization – Rome’s Preparations and Activities

taken after the first meeting of the Rome-based committee for the preparation of canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod (Feb. 21, 2012)

Pedro Calungsod Canonization – Rome’s Preparations and Activities

the Rome-based committee met with the Filipino Chaplaincy in Rome headed by Fr. Romy Vilos (fifth from the left) to discuss the preparation for the canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod


Canonization National Thanksgiving on Nov 30

The National Thanksgiving Mass for the Canonization of Pedro Calungsod is set on November 30, 2012.  This has been decided in the plenary meeting held at the Archbishop’s residence on March 14, 2012.  The proposed venue for the National Thanksgiving Mass will be the Cebu South Road Properties. The Mass will be preceded by foot processions and a fluvial procession.

Part of the National Preparation for the Thanksgiving Mass will be a visit of the image of the soon to be Saint Pedro Calungsod to Archdioceses and Dioceses all over the country dubbed “Duaw Nasud.”  The journey will start in the Archdiocese of Manila on November 3, and end in Cebu in time for the National Thanksgiving Mass on November 30.